Testimonials from Cal-Grafx Customers

  We enjoy hearing back from our customers and when they include photos of their completed projects it's a real bonus.  Following are some comments from past Cal-Grafx customers.

  Keith C., Harwood TX:

"I thought you would like to have pictures of my completed C-130. I am 73 years old and have been building
model airplanes for over 50 years. Many of the airplanes I have applied graphics. Your graphics are the best
I have ever used. Thank you for a terrific product and super service."

Cal-Grafx side note: Keith was a crew member on the full scale C-130 that flew missions for NASA. The
graphics duplicated the full scale aircraft based on photos Keith provided to us.
 Ed H., Mc Kees Rocks PA:

"Thank you for a First Class, Type A, No. #1 job. The model looks like it sits on the deck of the Hornet. En-
closed are a few pictures, I hope you like them."

  David G., Norfolk VA:

"...thank you for putting out such an amazing product. The decals are so thin you can see the rivet detail
 right through them...can't wait to take her out to our next sport fly-in..."

"Finally went to my first fly-in and won [awards for] Best Warbird and Peoples Choice. Thanks again for the
 great graphics for Kirsty May."
 Bob G., Riverdale UT:

"Here are some finished photos of the finished product [Wedell-Williams Racer]. You're graphics were
 Christopher W., Ontario Canada

"I received my order and I must say these decals are excellent. My PBY Catalina looks good enough to go
into a museum. A friend of mine agreed that the crispness and color of the decals is top notch. I will be
ordering from you from now on since I have a basement full of aircraft needing the same treatment"
 Jim M.,  Williams CA:

"Thanks for the graphics, it made the project come to a close in style...again thanks for the quality product."
 Jeff S., St. George UT:

"Attached [are photos of the] decal that I ordered. As you can see it matched VERY WELL. Thank you
again, and again I am a very satisfied customer!!!"
 Bill D., Meridian ID:

"I received my order today and I think 'THEY ARE GREAT' thanks for a job well done. I will spread the word
among the modelers here."
 Jim S., Renton WA:

"Just another photo op with the new Twin Wing American Spirit in the water for the first race of the season.
The boat ran great! It must have been the graphics!
 Bob W., Franklin NC:

"Received the [RC Club Decals] and must tell you that they are really good looking and we are very happy
with them."
 Jeff S., St. George UT:

"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work that you did. I have put together models all my
life G-Lines as a kid, balsa kits with Cox .049 engines and they had the decals that you had to use water to
get them on...anyhow I have never had an easier time putting on decals as I did with yours."

"P.S. They look GREAT and my wife LOVES them. I know where to go in the future. Thank you."
 Dennis P., Singapore Malaysia:

"Attached are the pictures of the Fly Fly foam 90mm EDF model in RAF CL-13 Mk 6. colors. Thanks for all of
your help on this project, and as always it has come out fine.  I shall be in touch for one of my [upcoming]
New Year's projects."
 Calvin B., Woodbury MN:

"...I finished the B-25 and have now had a chance to fly it. It flew very well and looks great. The graphics
worked out very well. In the spring when the snow melts I will get some pictures and send them to you."
 Jim R., Oregon City OR:

"Received the graphics and they look great. Will send you pics once the plane is assembled and the graphics
are installed."
 Eduardo L., Porte Alegre Brazil:

"Just to inform you I already received the decals. Thank you for the extra decals for some of them! I liked the
quality! My next project will be the P-47 that I intend to use the Brazilian markings during WWII and for
sure I will need the special decals too!"
 Tom S., Sarasota FL:

"Jim...I took second place as U.S. Scale Masters, got High Flight. Best Markings and Best Mission awards
as well."
 Mike R., Portland OR:

"Hi Jim...remember this one [Cessna 182]? I thought you might like to see a few pictures of it in action. It's
been my favorite flyer and everyone loves the looks!"
 Jim J., Parchment MI:

"Attached are pictures of my 1/7 scale Top Flite Mustang ARF with the "SHOO SHOO BABY" graphics
applied (that I ordered and received from you). Looks great, flies great and now it is my favorite airplane.
Thanks for the graphics."
 Olen T., Queen Creek AZ:

"In June 2007 you made me a set of cockpit placards for a 1/3 scale Super Cub I was building. The placards
had to be the correct size and you did a super job for me. After 23 months of constant building I finally
have been flying it. I told you I would send some pictures when it was done so here is a few. Thanks for a
great job."
 Mike I., Purcerville VA:

"I finished the Hangar 9 Corsair and as promised here is the first photo I took of it. I'll send some better
photos of it in case you want to use them. The graphics look pretty darn good!"
 Adam R., Dry Branch GA:

"I must say you are the greatest!!! I want to thank you and your fine company for all you have done for me
and this project [P51-D Mustang, Cripe's a Mighty III]. I will be sending you pictures as soon as I am done
with the build. Once again awesome job and thanks."
 Jack and Annette Mc, Springfield MO:

"Just wanted you to know we got our order a few days ago and it looks great."

Later date after applying the graphics:
 "We loved your graphics package and everything worked out perfectly. Thanks for all your help and the tip
on the Bulldog [plastic adhesion promoter].

Dominick C., Osgood IN:

"Jim, I can't believe how great the P-51 looks. It looked really good after the paint and looked fantastic after applying your decals. The yellow in the Gunfighter name is a complete match for the airforce yellow that I used. It looks like it was painted on. I had no trouble putting on any of the decals. I used a professional decal solution from a sign company. No bubbles and all the detail in the aluminum skin can be seen. I used your little tool you sent me and it worked great."
 John Y., Welcome MD:

"Just a quick note to say I recieved the decals. To you and your staff, a very great job! Very nice. Looking forward to doing business again in the future. And I'll certainly recommend you to anyone needing decals.

Again, thank you!"

 Stan S., Kapolei HI:

"The decals arrived Wednesday - and I spent yesterday painting and decaling. Here's what the model looks like before and after paint [photos attached]. With decals: Sure makes a difference! Thanks for the quick service - I'll know where to go the next time I need decals."
 Frank K., Aurora CO:

"Jim: Just received the graphics…as usual, everything is PERFECT…!!!! I appreciate doing business with you…and look forward to the next time."
 Will T., Germantown TN:

"Just wanted to let you know my decals came in last week. They look outstanding! Thanks once again for the amazing work. If I ever have another need for custom decals you can rest assured knowing I will be back!"
 Harry S., Teaneck NJ:

"...Jim - I didn't forget about you. Just took a lot longer to get the plane finished than I expected. Here are some pics of the [Gilmore] Red Lion. Tried to take some that would show off your great graphics."
 Jim M., Williams CA:

"[Old Crow project is] finally done. The graphics made the project come to close in style...again thanks and will look forward to using you again."
 Joel K., Waterford MI:

"Thank you very much, order arrived yesterday and was applied to model. Now if the weather ever cooperates on my days off, I will get her tweaked for the show. Will send pictures when I finish the weathering. Your graphics look awsome!"
 Randy S., Edgewood WA:

"Thanks for the great decals. Yesterday my Fokker E.III took home the first place trophy for fixed wing aircraft. Your decals were outstanding. Thanks for the help and advice."
 Greg M., Calgary Alberta, Canada:

"Great Job! ...the quality and resolution are first class."
 Geert D., Belgium:

"Hi Jim - Just want to send you a picture of our WACO YMF5 with your decals on it. It just looks great!

Many thanks again."
 Ed. K., Totowa NJ:

"Jim, the EK racing decals arrived and they are perfect. When I or any of my flying friends need decals, you will be the one we call.

Thank you."
 Mike I., Purcellville VA:

"I received the registration numbers Saturday, and I applied them that evening, just in time for flying on Sunday when I took these photos. Thanks one more time for a great job on the graphics. The registration numbers on the wings are the perfect finish to the total Cal-Grafx livery on this vintage model.

There were quite a few people at the flying site and my Pica WACO YMF-3 got a lot of questions and flattering comments about the graphics. I think my flying friends are beginning to realize that adding custom graphics to their models, particularly the ARFs, makes a huge difference in appearance, and truly makes them unique.

This WACO is the fourth model whose custom livery was provided by Cal-Grafx. I've never been disappointed with your prompt service or the perfect quality of your work. This will NOT be my last model that flies with Cal-Grafx."
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