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If you've toiled for many hours or days tediously hand-applying rivets to your scale model, now there's another way: RiveterPro Simulated Semi-Domed Rivet System available exclusively from Cal-Grafx (patent pending). You can throw away your toothpicks, hypo applicators, glue bottles, rulers, tapes...none of those are needed with the RiveterPro system. All the accuracy is built in to provide perfectly round, perfectly spaced rivets...every time! You can apply scale-realistic rivets in a fraction of the time it used to take, using only what is supplied in your RiveterPro kit.

  MAN Review

Here's what Frank Tiano said after reviewing the RiveterPro System in the February 2015 edition of Model Airplane News:

"After using the system, I feel it is ideal for anyone who has never done rivets before. If offers a bulletproof way to get the job done with little fuss and no mess. The rivets are realistic and uniform and accept any paint brand you can think of."

Customer Robert M. sent us the following comments after ordering RiveterPro:

"Learning curve was about 1/2 of a Masking Strip. The system is forgiving in that I laid a Masking Strip down on the wrong side of the panel line, pulled it up and then placed in the proper position, stuck down perfectly.  Most important:  I was not prepared for just how good the finished rivets are. Almost wish they did not dry clear, want to look at them longer. Can't wait to get the plane painted...the rivets are going to look great."

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How does it work and what makes it so different from the common methods for applying rivets?

The RiveterPro system uses precision pre-punched Rivet Masking Strips and a bottle of Rivet Applicator fluid available only from Cal-Grafx. The rivet diameter and spacing is built-in to the system. Application of rivets is done using these simple steps:
  • Mark a line (straight or curved) on your model defining the rivet line
  • Align the punched holes in the Masking Strip with the line
  • Use the Rivet Applicator applying the application fluid over each hole in the strip. You do not have to be precise during this step. Just cover the hole and move on to the next one.
  • Wait 1 - 2 minutes and then remove the Masking Strip.  You will see perfectly round, perfectly spaced rivets...every time!
  Before you buy, these are the things you should know about our RiveterPro system:
  • This system is designed for builders who paint their models. Rivets are applied after the priming and sanding process is completed and before finish paint is applied. The cured rivets are clear and will have the best realistic appearance if painted.
  • Our initial offering is 3 different sizes of rivet diameters and spacing (shown below).  We cannot tell you what size of rivets to buy to match the scale of your model. You must decide which size is closest to your scale.
  • If you have a need for a special rivet diameter and spacing, contact us and we will quote a custom Rivet Masking Strip to meet your needs. Pricing for custom strips will be 2X the standard cost.
  • The Masking Strips use a low-tack adhesive which will not damage any properly primed surface. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by an improperly prepared surface should damage occur when the strip is removed.
  • Cured rivets are hard and will be aggressively bonded to the surface.  If you make a mistake and want to remove the rivets, be sure to remove them within 3 - 5 minutes of application. Removal is easy with a moistened wipe.
  • Rivet Masking Strips cannot be purchased without the purchase of at least one bottle of the Rivet Applicator. You may purchase additional masking strips up to one year before another purchase of the Rivet Applicator fluid is required. All customer purchases are kept on file and there are no exceptions.
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