Pricing Policy

  Our pricing is based on a number of factors but primarily on the fact that we are a full-custom house and do not stock any decals.  Accordingly, each order is walked through the system using manual processes including creating the decal print file, printing, finishing (UV protection and fuel-proofing), weeding (removing waste material around the decal), packaging, invoicing and shipping.  With this number of steps, our prices will not compare to decals you may see in a hobby shop or online decal sets where those products are printed in the hundreds or thousands at one time.

Our setup fees are added to your shopping cart total at checkout and cover the costs of treating each order on a custom basis with all the steps described above. The setup fee is based on your shopping cart total and includes shipping within the U.S.

Standard Setup Fee:       
$19.95 USD for orders totaling $25 or more - includes USPS Priority Mail shipping

Small Order Setup Fee:   
$12.50 USD for orders totaling less than $25.00 and includes USPS 1st Class Mail shipping
  Unfortunately, we regret that we can no longer cover international shipping with our setup fees. Our new policy for orders placed on the web site is as follows:

*** If you are outside of the United States, you will be charged an additional $9.50 USD to cover international shipping. The setup fees shown above still apply. This charge will be added to your shopping cart and setup fee total as a second transaction on your credit card.  You will be notified by mail before your order is accepted to confirm you are in agreement with the additional shipping charge. If we do not hear from you within 10 working days, your order will be automatically cancelled.  You can also request that your order be cancelled if the additional shipping charge is not agreed to. ***
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