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Noseart Our Project Spotlight this time around features Central Florida builder Denny DeWeese and his beautifully-rendered P-40 built from Nick Ziroli Plans. Denny is a well-respected builder in the area and an occasional contributor to Model Airplane News. Based on years of experience, Denny says "this is the best flying of Ziroli's designs."

Most of us expect to see the iconic sharks teeth on the P-40, but this model features the Burma Banshee scheme, a squadron that flew out of the CBI theater circa 1944. The ominous looking skull noseart is every bit as intimidating as the sharks teeth but - go figure - the name beside the skull is "Lulu Belle."

Speaking of graphics, all the PSA graphics were hand-drawn from photographs provided to Cal-Grafx. Markings include noseart, crew plaque, kills, US National Insignias and tail markings. Denny has used Cal-Grafx on six of his last major projects.  Quoting Denny on the graphics quality: "I love them; Jim provides exactly what you need.  The product goes on easy and cleans up well."

We appreciate Denny's patronage and can't wait to work with him on his next project!
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